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Document manager

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It enables an organization to arrange its documents in the areas depicting its functional units, projects and tasks, and all kind of activities - marketing, training, reference, etc.

DoPlanning provides every user with a completely system of folders where to keep all his important documents always accessible on the internet.

The "document management" functionality is based on the documents associated with the areas.

  • The users post their documents on the areas where they get permission, enabling this way the users to create new versions just by replacing the documents saved.
  • The same document can be associated with different areas.
  • When a document is replaced with a new version, it will automatically be replaced in all the areas where the user posted the document, having this way a simple and useful versions system always available
  • Every document in an area has its owner: the user who associated it with the area. Only this user is allowed to remove it from there.

This system is very useful when using templates: 

  • This user associates the template with those areas where other users will need it.
  • Whenever the responsible for templates changes a part of it and replaces the file, it will be automatically updated in every area where the template was associated.
  • Every time the users have to write Meeting-Minutes, they get the template in DoPlanning. This way, a new version of the template will be available just a few minutes after being updated.
  • DoPlanning sends an email to the user who requires so every time a new document or version is associated with an area where the user gets access.