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Simple projects manager

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DoPlanning is an easy tool to help you organize and manage your projects.

You can create areas in DoPlanning to represent projects, their tasks and sub-tasks.

Furthermore, when the organization is defined in the DoPlanning tree, you can define the projects inside every Department or section. This way, projects are integrated with and arranged inside the structure of the organization.

  • An area would represent a Project and its name would be the project’s name, its description showing the general description of the project, and the person responsible for the area would be the project manager.
  • From this main area you can create areas to represent each project task, adding their name, description and the person responsible for the task.
  • Based on every task, you can create areas representing sub-tasks adding all the levels you need.
  • Every area depending on a task brings together all the messages and documents related to this task, making it much easier to be carried out and tracked.
  • Only those users who must perform some task will be associated with the corresponding area, and they will not get access to any other documents or messages from the rest of the tasks if they are not involved with them.
  • You can even create an area per each user carrying out a task in the project, making sure this way the total privacy of the contents posted by every user involved in the project
  • External users (customers, suppliers and providers, partners) can get permission to perform a task and, if the administrator has registered them to see only the areas where they have permission, these external users will not even know if there exist any project tasks where they do not have to take part.
  • Once the project is finished, the project manager will revoke users’ access permissions, but the whole structure of the project, including messages and documents, will remain as a project file at the project manager’s disposal.