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Content management system (CMS)

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You have the possibility to sign up for a Doplanning modality which incorporates a Web Content Management System (WCMS) This service is called DoPlanning-web.

It is possible to do the maintenance of a site developed by Web4bio in the same way you use an administration account in Doplanning.

The CMS allows:

  • Delete or add new pages.
  • Define the navigation structure of the site by removing or adding new sections and subsections and specifying the order in which they appear on the website.
  • Manage editor permissions for each webpage. User management systems in the content manager and in DoPlanning are fully integrated.
  • Edit the content of each page.

Predefined Items: To facilitate the insertion of new content on each page editors will be able to use a predefined set of items that will speed up the process of adding content, News, Events, Links, Banners, Documents to download, etc..

Automatic alerts: The alert system sends a message to the editors of a page or section whenever new content is added, which facilitates the control of the tasks related to web edition.