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With DoPlanning you can reflect your organization's structure in a very easy way. For instance, you can use this equivalences:

In your organization... In DoPlanning...
A department An area
A department section A sub-area
The department manager Area manager
The section manager Manager of the sub-area


You can enjoy the great advantages of using DoPlanning:

  • Having access rights for one area means having the same rights for the depending areas. This way, the person in charge of a deparment will have permission to see and manage all the information that is exchanged in the depending sub-areas, without the need for associating him/her to that sub-areas each time.
  • Since each area has its own content repository, such as documents, messages, tasks, lists, etc., it is easy to mantain contents and messages from users of that particular area in an organized and restricted way.
  • With DoPlanning it is very easy to move an area within the organization's tree. And the good thing is that, when moving an area, all its contents, associated users and sub areas are moved with it without loosing information.
  • Since the same user can be associated to several different areas at the same time, it is always possible to create more areas for specific functions and associate users to them if the current structure of the organization does not suit a particular objective.