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What is DoPlanning?

DoPlanning is a web 2.0 collaboration tool intended for organizations. It helps you to manage Work Teams, Projects, e-learning, Documents and any kind of information and the way your work teams interact to deal with it.

Can I try DoPlanning before signing up?

Yes. Ask for a free demo fitted with all its functionalities on our website, and get a free trial with no commitment.

Is there any registration fee to begin using DoPlanning?


If I, as the administrator, create new users every time I need it but remove them before one month, how many users should I pay for?

Do Planning fee per user and month is only 1 €. Every month you use the number of users in the organization to calculate the average and the fee is estimated on this basis. This way, if one month there are 10 users the first half, and 90 the other half, the average will be 50 and thus the monthly fee (in terms of users) will be 50 € plus VAT.

Am I committed to a long term agreement?

No. It is a one-month contract extendable for monthly periods. This way, whenever you want to cancel the agreement, you can do it by just giving a fortnight’s notice.

Do I need an Internet connection to use DoPlanning?

Yes. DoPlanning, the application and the data it stores are hosted on Internet servers, so you need an Internet connection to use it.

Can I customize DoPlanning?

You can integrate the users’ login page with your own web site. You can also place your logo in a 468 x 60 pixels banner. Every area can have a different banner.

Do I have to pay more in order to use the new DoPlanning versions?

No, if you have DoPlanning per user or flat rate. For customers with custom instalations of DoPlanning, it depends on the conditions of the project.

Are there any other modules or functionalities to pay for?

No. The current DoPlanning version includes all its available functionalities. Everything is always available for the same price

Can I sign up for personalized training and/or support?

Yes. To request a personalized estimate, use the DoPlanning Contact Form.

Is DoPlanning a Document Manager?

Yes. DoPlanning can be considered as a Document Manager although it has many more functionalities.

Is DoPlanning an Intranet?

Yes. It is a powerful Intranet where you can share information by means of messages and documents in a controlled way, all of this with an easy permission management through the tree.

Can the DoPlanning administrator in my organization change my password?

Yes. General administrators can always change the users’ passwords. This way, they can control inappropriate uses of the application they are responsible for.