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Software as a Service

DoPlanning is an application marketed as a service, that is to say, the model called SaaS (Software as a Service). This model has many advantages:

  • No initial investments, you don’t have to purchase any license
  • No infrastructure costs
  • You access DoPlanning via the internet
  • It is a customer-server application designed to be used simultaneously by a great number of people

What’s more, with DoPlanning:

  • There is no long term contract. The agreement can be concluded any time you like at a fortnight's notice
  • Customers use always the latest version with no additional updating charges
  • All DoPlanning functionalities are always available: no extra charges for additional modules
  • DoPlanning is updated very often as we are always in the process of developing new functionalities and improving the existing ones
  • Whenever a new version is ready, it will be automatically available to every DoPlanning customer*


DoPlanning may be hired as a service in two different editions:

Per user

Monthly rental in a per user basis, at an unbeatable price: 1 € per user and month.

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Tailored solution

DoPlanning can be acquired for its installation at the client's own servers. In this case, it can be integrated with the client's user management system and perform functional adaptations.

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(* ) Except the "Tailored solution" versions. In this case the version is fixed, and it is necessary to hire updates in order to provide versions or functionalities developed after the date of purchase.