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What is DoPlanning?

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DoPlanning is a collaboration web application intended for organizations.

  • The key of the application is a tree, which can be adapted to suit the organization’s needs and show its structure- projects, work teams, courses, etc.
  • This great flexibility to represent a great deal of structures by means of a tree is possible thanks to a very simple and powerful administration - every organization can define its structure using all the necessary areas and levels.
  • Every area on the DoPlanning tree is a cooperative space where the users interact sharing documents and posting messages. Every area can show its own logo or banner that is defined by the area administrator and identifies visually the objective of the area.
  • Furthermore, the tree offers an easy and powerful permissions management system: when a user is associated with an area, he gets access to this specific area and all those that depend on it.
  • Using just one single application any organization can manage its departments, projects, courses, etc with a simpler and more powerful permissions management system
  • DoPlanning is available through any browser and it has one single version which adapts to mobile devices.