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CellulosomePlus is a multidisciplinary European consortium engaged in the research of new means  to improve the performance of biomass processing coming from vegetable waste.

This consortium counts with the participation of the Proteins Nanomechanics Lab at Spanish Research Council (CSIC), among other Spanish entities.

This type of research consortia is characterized by the participation of several research centers located in different countries, that divide the work to accomplish the objectives proposed in the project. Moreover, the own nature of the project requires, from the financing bodies, specific tasks for the dissemination of the project results.

Therefore, from an organizational point of view, CellulosomePlus needed to cover the following objectives:

At internal communication level:

  • To have available a system, automated as much as possible, to inform each participant about the work progress of the others.
  • To have available a forum in which the participants can exchange the results, expound problems and share solutions.
  • To have a repository available for the obligatory documentation that is generated along the project: vouchers, work packages, meetings, etc.
  • To have a system available, that orderly maintains the notifications of innovations, the incidents, the summons for trips and meetings, etc.

At external communication level:

  • A support for the dissemination of the consortium results, in this case, an official website.
  • A simple and fast way to manage this web contents, even by non-expert people.

DoPlanning has revealed itself  as a tool particularly suitable for projects like CellulosomePlus. DoPlanning capacity to generate a tree of work areas allows the project coordinator to allocate spaces for the collaboration of the participants, creating areas for different work packages and assigning members involved as users. Thus, the information is fluidly distributed and held and, very especially, tidy and sorted. 

DoPlanning's automatic notifications reveal themselves, for this project, as an invaluable ally. Several research groups spread over different countries, need, instantly and synchronously, to be informed. With DoPlanning, each action performed in this tool (messages from members, documents uploaded, scheduled events, etc.) generates a notification that is received at the e-mail of the registered users. Furthermore, DoPlanning includes, in this case, adaptations as requested by the consortium coordinator, such as, for example, the fact that notifications are to be obligatory for all participants.

CellulosomePlus also uses, for the spreading of the consortium results, DoPlanning's features as web contents manager. The consortium's is integrated into the same tool and allows the coordinator and participants to upload the information generated from the consortium's activity, maintaining the same fluently updated.

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