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“Our customers incorporate the use of DoPlanning without any problem, as soon as they are registered in our organization. DoPlanning ensures independence and easy access to information both from the client’s and from the Company’s side”. Rossana García. Management in Gradocell S.L.​

You can see Rossana talking about Gradocell and DoPlanning in the following video (in Spanish language)



Gradocell is a pioneer company in consulting within the field of advanced therapies and innovative medicines. Gradocell innovation services are focused on providing advice and training to their customers along all the process of implementing quality standards and obtaining authorization according to the regulations applicable to the development of this type of drugs.

Consulting is, in this sector, characterized by the need for constant interaction with the clients during the process of getting certificates and authorizations. Furthermore, a huge amount of associated documents are studied, documentation which must be constantly revised and updated keeping the control versions: situation diagnosis, actuation plans, GMPs implementation in laboratories and facilities, audits and preparation for inspections, validation of facilities, staff training, development of specific documentation …

With all this in mind, it was especially important for Gradocell to obtain a documentation management tool and that the relationship with the clients had into account the special idiosyncrasy of their labor of specialized consulting. The concrete needs consisted in:

  • ​Immediate and easy incorporation of clients to the system. The agreement once achieved, the customer should be able to immediately access the work environment. The tool should be intuitive and to require no specific training by the client.
  • Privacy among clients. Each project should be invisible to the other Gradocell's clients.
  • Documentation control. Gradocell ought to have control over all original documentation and over the versions of master documents.
  • Cost scaling as a function of clientes coming in and going out. This cost ought to be able of adjustment as a function of  the actual number of clients.

DoPlanning showed up as being the right solution for these requirements. Its simple interface allows Gradocell's administrators to add new clients, opening areas for each one. The division into areas, a DoPlanning feature, keeps clients and all the information generated by the different projects classified and independent to the rest. Once the project is finished, the entire area and all the information it contains (documentation and messaging) can be easily moved to another DoPlanning's area for storage.

The backup and maintenance systems of the servers hosting DoPlanning ensure high standards for data security, so the integrity of the information is practically guaranteed. Finally, being DoPlanning a software service, Gradocell can incorporate users for short periods as needed, without the invoicing significantly resenting.



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