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First steps with DoPlanning

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1. Access your DoPlanning

You already have your access data to DoPlanning. What you are waiting to try it?

If you dont have a DoPlanning demo yet, you can apply for one here.

2. Adjust your account's preferences

Want to change your password? You can do it by accessing your user account (Menu > User > Personal data).

You can also change your preferences for notifications (Menu > User > Notifications).

3. Create new areas

The areas tree is where you will structure your organization in DoPlanning.

Access to Administration through Menu > Administration.

You don't know how to create an area? See the manual section about creating areas.

4. Register users

You will have received your user account with general manager rights. With it you can register new users as well as create new areas.

Register all the users you need, they will automatically receive an email and password to access.

5. Assign users to areas

You must consider how permission structure works in DoPlanning: when you give a user access to an area, he/she will have access to it and to all depending areas. When you add a user to an area, you are giving him/her permission to see its contents as well as to add new ones.

6. Add contents to areas

In DoPlanning areas you can add different types of contents, such as messages, files, tasks, events, lists, forms,...

7. Happy with DoPlanning?

If you want to continue using DoPlanning after the 30 day trial, decide which edition and pricing suits your needs and contact us to complete your contract and be able to continue using DoPlanning.

You won't lose anything of your work with the demo.