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Flat rate

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When your organization has a wide number of users

If you are going to work in DoPlanning with a big number of users, let's say 700, you will want this version since you will pay a fixed price per month regardless of the number of users you have.

From only 250 € per month plus VAT you'll be able to register all the users you need. You will always pay the same because your application will be in an Amazon Web Services machine specifically dedicated for it.

If your users are very active and your machine's space turns small, you don't have to worry since for a little extra price you will have another machine with more features and disk space.

This is great,  because you can start with the minimum flat rate of € 250 a month, knowing that there will be no problem if you ever need to scale up.This is one of the great advantages of Software as a Service in the Cloud!.